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        Suzhou Halo Pharmatech Co., Ltd.— A systematic solution provider for the capsule filling inaccuracy. Suzhou Halo Pharmatech Co., Ltd was founded in June of 2006, a technology company who sees innovations and creations as our living principles.In last ten years, we have been focusing on researching, manufacturing and selling quality control equipment of pharmaceutical production and dedicating to solving filling inaccuracy problems in different dosage forms.

        • Capsule Weighing Machine

          High accuracy full automatic capsule & tablet checkweigher CMC, with the innovative "unit extension structure" and "unlimited parallel" working mode, the detection efficiency can be improved infinitely, and the whole number of capsules and tablets of......
        • High-accuracy Dynamic Weight Ch

          Ultra-high precision automatic capsule&tablet checkweigher H-CMC, which can realize the global ultra-high dynamic detection accuracy of ±0.3mg, is designed for drug research and development, precise and micro loading drug weighing, the innovation of ......
        • Small Automatic Capsule & Table

          Small checkweigher S-CMC can weigh and detect the capsules and tablets, accurate and quickly eliminate unqualified products by weight, used for off-line weighing in the workshop, especially for capsule filling machine and tablet press machine in the b......
        • Multifunction Supervisory Machi

          Multifunctional tablet production quality online monitor detection machine for batches TVS can work with all models of tablet press machine, through high frequency online automatic sampling, the four important quality indexes of tablets were detected ......
        Filling inaccuracy impacts the quality of capsules!

        What are the factors causing inaccuracy in capsule filling?

        Equipment: stability, speed, sticking, powder-toss etc.

        Material: properties of API, density, porosity, fluidity etc.

        Technique: granular size, evenness, moisture etc.

        Environment: temperature, humidity, static etc.

        Human: skill, responsibility, proficiency etc.

        Troubled by the problem of inaccuracy, what do we do?

        Sampling by hand? Or import an equipment to inspect one by one? What do we want from manual sampling inspection?

        To record data during process so as to locate the problem.

        To monitor the quality and keep filling under control.

        To ensure the capsule filling machine operating stably.

        To find and solve abnormal phenomena in time.

        But is it really effective to sample capsules by hand?

        With low efficiency, lagging monitoring, possibly missing a filling symptom

        Authenticity, validity and integrality of sampling data are hard to be ensured as evidences.

        There is a time gap between the process of sampling, weighing, recording and judging and discovering an issue.

        Even the filling problem is found, faulty products cannot be isolated immediately.

        The source of problem is not identified timely and the checking process leads to a continuous bad situation.

        Above reasons explain the filling inaccuracy when manual sampling exists in every pharmaceutical company.

        The process of solving the problem of capsule filling inaccuracy

        What is the CVS automatic capsule weight monitoring machine?

        *Be able to be connected to the capsule filling machine, sampling 24 hours.

        *Monitor strictly as per the standard of capsule weight, alarming a problem.

        *Separate good ones from bad ones and isolates risky segments.

        *Print reports and real-time graphs of capsule weights automatically.

        *Identify the faulty die orifice and runs Statistical Process Diagnosis.

        *Calculate the Process Capability Index, draw a bell curve of capsule weights.

        *Triple encryption login system, electronic records &signatures (21CFR Part 11).

        *Real-time remote surveillance on production, applied chart data on Ethernet.

        *Keep data real and complete, keep quality data traceable.

        *Statistical Process Control, implementing Industry 4.0 on quality control.

        CVS can be connected to any productive capsule filling machine, sampling capsules from a module every minute. High-frequency sampling keeps the filling machine safe from weight problems. Even if the problem occurs, the machine will alarm immediately to find the problem, meanwhile isolate the risky segment from others.CVS is able to process huge data and provide web service. It is the most effective tool to implement Statistical Process Control on capsule weights, ensuring qualities and reaching Industry 4.0 on quality control technologies.

        CMC Automatic Capsule Metage Classifying Machine

        *According to a setting weight range, it weighs capsules one by one and separates qualified ones from unqualified ones.

        *Using a “main unit + N units” parallel structure to increase the detecting efficiency of the whole machine unlimitedly.

        *Open choices for different efficiency. CMC can be used alone or connected to the filling machine.


        What is the online monitoring equipment? What are the differences between it and the automatic inspection equipment?

        In short, for pharmaceutical quality control, inspection machines are result control, while monitoring machines are process control.

        Automatic inspection equipment is used to determine qualified products and kick unqualified ones out, as a quality inspector. Inspection is after the production, so inspection equipment is a result control, a remediation after quality problems. It does nothing to continuous improvements on product quality. Inspection equipment is not able to analyze the cause of quality problems or predict them from happening. If the source of problems cannot be found in time, problems will continue in the production progress. Even inspection equipment keeps the final check, a huge waste has already occurred in the process.

        Online monitoring equipment needs to be connected to production equipment, corresponding to multiple production stations closely to find the source of problems by high-frequency sampling or overall inspection. It not only judges and separates qualified capsules from unqualified ones, but also analyzes to get statistical results by quality control methods (like SPC). It puts the analysis process and results online, presenting the quality status, symptoms, inaccuracy level and the source of problems with numbers and charts. It keeps quality control work more efficient, meantime as a guide and evidence provider to predict accidents and improve production quality.

        Fast track

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